Deadly Prey

Howdy all you Supercultists out there on the interwebz!
I’m Bad Movie Professor Cameron Coker (BS in “Cameron Mitchell” with a minor in “Jorts”) and I’ll be posting my hype-tacular speeches every week along with some long lost speeches from past Supercult Shows!

From June of 2013 it’s the speech for one of my favorite Supercult films: Deadly Prey!

Deadly Prey Poster

Colonel Hogan is a ruthless former military officer who is training a large group of former U.S. Servicemen as mercenaries by having them hunt down and kill people they abduct off the streets of Los Angeles. However, Hogan and his men meet their match when their latest kidnap victim turns out to be a tough gung-ho marine named Mike Danton who, despite being shirtless and armed with only his best pair of jorts, manages to repeatedly decimate Hogan’s men Predator style. Frustrated, Hogan, and his cronies kidnap Danton’s wife Jaimy to force him in the open, while Jaimy’s retired police detective father tries to track down both her and Danton. Can Mike Danton save his wife and escape the clutches of Colonel Hogan?

Released in 1987, Deadly Prey is directed by David A. Prior who caused me a bit of confusion when I tried to look him up.  Most of his director credits are for B movies like “Raw Justice” and “Future Force”. He’s credited as a writer for 37 features and a director for 32, but his most recent work is a movie called “Deadliest Prey” coming out in 2013. After a little digging I found a facebook page with a post that reads, “From film maker David A. Prior comes the sequel to the original “Deadly Prey”.

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…so that’s happening.

Starring Ted Prior, the brother of the director, in the leading role of Mike Danton, Cameron Mitchell, the guy who played Commander Alex Jansen in Space Mutiny, as Jaimy’s father, and a bunch of other people who you’ve never heard of, the original Deadly Prey is by far the most entertaining time you’ll have watching a shirtless man murder the same dozen or so extras over and over again in increasingly ridiculous ways. I attempted to find the official body count for this movie, but I suspect that anyone who tries will simply be struck by the sudden violent realization that they shouldn’t care about how many are killed, but rather enjoy the Deadly Prey for what it is: a perfect representation of everything we love to hate about bad action films! Clunky dialogue, idiotic villains, faceless henchman, and grenades that defy common sense. They explode with the force of children’s grade fireworks, kill any villain within a few feet, leave anyone else in the general area virtually unharmed save for a bit of dirt on their jackets, but are completely incapable of harming the hero.

The dialogue is particularly entertaining, especially from the villains of the movie. Keep your ears open for such classics as:
“Those bastards! Those stupid dumb bastards!”
“Damn fool! Runnin’ around with woods with no clothes on.”
and of course the oxymoronic, “You’re supposed to be the best at what you do. Do it better.”

In fact the  ‘forest’ that Hogan has taken his captives to turns out to be only 70 miles South of Los Angeles. What’s surprising is that the film was shot in Riverside California, a mere 59 miles East of LA. It’s not even an hour’s drive out of the city!

To top it all off Deadly Prey has one of the greatest endings I’ve ever seen in a Supercult film!

Lurple J. on Rotten Tomatoes rates Deadly Prey 4 ½ stars saying,

Deadly Prey is something of a cinematic masterpiece. It’s as if someone watched Rambo too many times, read the short story ‘The Most Dangerous Game’, and then sat down to write Deadly Prey. I can only imagine that they wrote it with crayons.
There are many things that make Deadly Prey a bad movie gem. Pretty much everything, actually. Acting, special effects, fight scenes; it’s as if each piece of the movie is attempting to outdo the other parts in some insane attempt to be the worst.

With an IMDB score of 6.0 exactly, Deadly Prey is the second film we’ve seen this year at Supercult that doesn’t have a Rotten Tomatoes critic score, along with Skyscraper. The difference however, is that the audience score for Skyscraper is %20 while the score for Deadly Prey is %68. Here at Supercult we call that a recommendation.

One-liners, primal screams, and death scenes that would make Andy Sidaris jealous…we start the summer off with a bang tonight with “Deadly Prey”.

Deadly Prey


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