Killing American Style

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This week, from the director of Samurai Cop it’s, Killing American Style!

Killing American Style Poster

Tony and Lynch are ruthless gangsters and convicted bank robbers who, after a brief stint in the slammer, escape their prison-bus with the help of Tony’s brother Jesse. But, when Jesse is wounded in the firefight the gang decides to take hostages and hole up in a sprawling estate. When All-American goodie two-shoes John Morgan comes home he becomes a pawn in Tony and Lynch’s game and is sent out to find a doctor for Jesse. Convinced that the gang is planning to execute his family once the job is done Morgan’s killer instinct takes over. Morgan must outwit and out-gun the psychopathic criminals ‘American Style’ or his family may not live to see another day!

From the director who brought us such Supercult classics as Hollywood Cop and Samurai Cop, comes Killing American Style, a 1990 action/crime/thriller that’s quite possibly one of the most obscure films we’ve ever seen. Writen and Directed by Amir Shervan and starring Harold Diamond (from Rambo 3, and Andy Sidaris films like Hard Ticket to Hawaii and Picasso Trigger) as John Morgan, Jim Brown as Lt. Sunset, John Lynch as himself, Alexander Verdin as Jesse, and the man with the chin himself, Robert Z’Dar as Tony Stone, Killing American Style is one of those movies that was built from the ground up to entertain a special class of people…specifically the people who love shoulder pads, terrible dialogue, poorly staged fight scenes, scantily clad women, and violence. So, yeah…basically everyone.

Born Amir Hosein Ghaffari, Amir Shervan (امیر شروان) was an Iranian film director, producer, actor, and screenwriter who, after the Iranian Revolution, moved to California where he directed quite possibly the best bad movies ever in the history of film. Shervan is known for having a hard-on for Sylvester Stallone, expressing that man crush by hiring actors who have worked for or with Stallone, and for directing films that are now shrouded in obscurity. Those that can be found are distributed by Cinema Epoch, an independent distribution and production company that specializes in obscure, foreign, and cult films with titles like  “Lizard Boy”, “Death Tube 2”, “Sexy Rangers”, (and my personal favorite) “Nipples and Palm Trees”, and documentaries like “Boobs: An American Obsession”, “Dinosaurs vs. Apes”, and “American Carny: True Tales From the Circus Sideshow.” Sounds like Cinema Epoch is on a mission from God!

That's Amir on the left with the glasses, and on the right manning the camera is Peter Palian, the cinematographer for all of Amir's films since 1987.

That’s Amir on the left with the glasses, and on the right manning the camera is Peter Palian, the cinematographer for all of Amir’s films since 1987.

Sadly Amir Shervan died in 2006 at the ripe old age of 77, but his BFF Robert Z’Dar is still going strong and appearing in numerous bit parts for upcoming films and TV series such as ‘Salvador’s Deli’, a dark comedy about a trio of Italian pizza makers who turn their delivery service into an assisted suicide business, and ‘Architect of Chaos 2: Hellfire and Brimstone,’ in which Z’Dar is scheduled to play Satan himself! One can only imagine what a skilled makeup artist could do with that man’s gloriously swollen noggin.

Killing American Style has a 4.3 on IMDB…low, but certainly within normal parameters for any self-respecting supercult feature. However, Killing American Style is so obscure, so outside the public eye, that it has no critic or audience scores or reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. It doesn’t even have a poster for crying out loud! So once again, the Supercult Speech Meister is making a call to all Supercultists out there on the interwebz! Log into Rotten Tomatoes and give Killing American Style a Fresh Rating. We’re still waiting for the day when Supercult screens a ‘one-hundred-percent-er’!

To put it plainly, Killing American Style is a film that demands to be seen. Amir Shervan created this cinematic masterpiece at the age of 61. If that’s not comforting to you, that greatness can be grasped even in the twilight years of one’s life, then I don’t know what is! It’s the culmination of a lifetime of movie-making and crazy jaw-line having! “Welcome to WAFU!” an Amir Shervan fan site, states that Killing American Style was at one time nearly impossible to find and quotes Alexander Virden, who acted in three of Shervan’s films as saying, “I played the younger brother of Robert Z’Dar and broke him off a prison bus. Robert was the Maniac Cop and a lot of film watchers call him ‘that guy with the JAW…The movie was a rip off of Big Jake and is the most coherent of the three.” The only user review on IMDB is a 10 out of 10 from udar55 who says “Gets a 10 rating for Robert Z’Dar alone.” Well said udar55…well said.

There are all kinds of killings, fellow Supercultists, but tonight we plan on proving that the best is American style! The Supercult show is proud to present, yet another instant Supercult classic: Killing American Style!

Check out, Cinema Epoch’s Facebook page, and where you can buy the Killing American Style DVD!
Also check out Amir Shervan’s facebook page, from which I stole all these rad images:

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