100 Years of Supercult

Congratulations Supercult show on it’s 100th screening!

WOOOO! One-Hundred Years of Supercult! It seems like just yesterday we were screening Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo back in 1914! One Hundred Years is a big landmark for a small-town bad movie watching party like us. Stick around for another 100 years! Who know’s what we’ll be watching then…like, The Room 2?!

Tonight is also the farewell screening of long-time showrunner, Jared Wright, who you might remember for doing his thesis on ‘So Bad It’s Good‘. Jared will be heading to California soon to take a position at Dreamworks Animation Studios. We wish him all the best.


R.I.P. Jared Wright (1914 – 2014)

Are you excited about tonight’s screening yet? What if I told you we’re watching a classic from Saint Nicolas himself, Con Air? What if the next film on the list is Amir Shervan’s masterpiece, Samurai Cop! Yeah…that’s what I thought. Bring your screams. It’s gunna get crazy!

AND it just so happens that the quiz meisters at Zimbino did something right for a change and created a quiz just in time for the show!


Screen shot 2014-05-02 at 9.25.52 AM


Check out the link to find out which Nicolas Cage you are! Let us know what you get! We’ve been systematically trying to find every last possible result to the quiz, but you never know. Our Lord and Savior Nicolas has been in over 70 films!

See you tonight!

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