Double Impact

Howdy all you Supercultists out there on the interwebz! I’m Bad Movie Professor Cameron Coker (BS in “Sheldon Lettich” with a minor in “Bad Marksmanship”) and I’ll be posting my hype-tacular speeches every week along with some long lost speeches from past Supercult Shows!

This week we’re posting the speeches from the Double Damme Feature of July 2013! Finishing up is Double Impact!

Double Impact Poster

Alex and Chad Wagner are identical twins separated at the death of their parents. Chad, raised by a family retainer in Paris, is a film producer while Alex is a petty crook in Hong Kong. Seeing a picture of Alex, Chad rejoins him and convinces him that his rival in Hong Kong is also the man who killed their parents. Two brothers separated by violence, now together on a mission of revenge! It’s Double Van Damme in Double Impact!

Double Impact is exactly what you think it is: a drug and alcohol recovery non-profit organization!

What, you weren’t thinking that? Huh…weird.

Well the MOVIE Double impact is an insipid action/thrillier released in 1991 and starring Jean Claude Van Damme, Geoffrey Lewis, Alonna Shaw, Bolo Yeungand, and Jean Claude Van Damme…AGAIN! That’s right people, when they say Double Van Damme, they mean it. Van Damme plays both Alex and Chad Wagner in this twisted tale of twins in which, despite being raised separately and in completely opposite circumstances, the brothers are both somehow martial arts experts. What a coincidence!


Double Impact was directed by Sheldon Lettich, a writer/director who started out as a screenwriter until he penned the now legendary Bloodsport (1988). Bloodsport not only catapulted Van Damme into superstardom, but it also forged a long and ongoing friendship between Lettich and Van Damme which in turn led to Lettich working with Van Damme on Lionheart, The Order, The Hard Cops, and of course Double Impact. But just because the super friends worked on it, doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and roses.

Double Impact was panned by critics as “bone-crushingly stupid,” and “yet another mindless action movie that only had the gimmick of two Jean-Claude Van Dammes”. Roger Ebert said, “The movie has slick production values and a few clever lines, and is an invaluable illustration of the Principle of Evil Marksmanship. This principle, you will recall from my Glossary of Movie Terms, teaches us that in the movies the bad guys can never hit anything with a gun, and the good guys can hardly miss. The villains typically fire thousands of rounds from machine guns, after which the heroes roll out of the line of fire and squeeze off a few well-directed rounds from their handguns, killing an enemy with every shot. The relevant scene in “Double Impact” has to be seen to be believed, as countless rounds are poured into a car from numerous hidden assassins, all of whom somehow fail to hit anyone who is going to be needed later in the movie.”

Spinning Roundhouse Kicks!

Spinning Roundhouse Kicks!

Try not to drool, ladies...

Try not to drool, ladies…

Despite negative reviews the film was a commercial hit and made it to No. 2 in the US Box office grossing just over $30 million on a $15 million budget.

Brian Orndorf writes: “Van Damme was never great with drama, lousy with the English language, but put the man in tight pants and surround him with Asian stuntmen, and there’s pure joy to be had.” With a 5.3 on IMDB and a 14% on Rotten Tomatoes, who can argue with that kind of logic?

Can you feel the impact fellow supercultists? It’s the conclusion of the Double Damme Feature and we think we might be seeing double!

The Supercult show is proud to present Double Impact!


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