Idle Hands

*read in a sleepy stoner voice*


Uh…what time is it? 7pm…That early? Ugh… What a rough night. I gotta take a hit before we do anything else, man.

Ugh…that’s better…

Ummm… I guess hello…uh…Supercult West, or whatever.

I’m Supercult South Bad Movie Professor Cameron Coker…I guess I got a BS in “Takin’ it easy” and uh, like, “A case of the munchies” and stuff.

…Oh I guess I gotta do a speech or something, huh? Umm…so what are you watching again? Idol Hands? What, like a guy who’s got American Idols for hands or something? Oh, Idle Hands…okay.


Um, lemmie look online I guess…

Uh…looks like Seth Green and, uh, Vivica A. Fox, that chick from Kill Bill…and it stars Devon Sawa, that guy who just stands around slack-jawed and dumbfounded in the first final destination movie. And Jessica Alba! Duuuude. My hands won’t be idle with her in this movie, that’s for sure.

So Idle Hands is a total stoner comedy and stuff. Oh, you want trivia or something? Uhhh… it’s actually filmed in the same neighborhood as the movie Halloween. That’s pretty cool.


Oh yeah! Be on the lookout for dog boners, okay? Like, just trust me, alright? Big ol’ canine erections. It’s a thing. In this movie. Just, like, Don’t miss out.

Dude, I’m goin’ back to bed. Have fun with your hand Idols or whatever.

Supercult West is proud to present: Idle Hands!


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