Hello Supercult West! This is Supercult South Bad Movie Professor Cameron Coker (BS in “the Pygmalion Myth” with a minor in “Starship”) and I’m reaching out to you from across the country to help hype tonight’s screening of Mannequin, aka 1984’s Splash except without the good writing, Tom Hanks, that hot but creepy chick from Blade Runner, and charm!


Mannequin, released in 1987 is about a creepy artist who makes mannequins that he wants to date and then gets his wish when the spirit of an ancient Egyptian princess possesses his favorite dress up love doll. Seriously people, a normal person in the 80’s would’ve called the ghostbusters…

Mannequin is a by the numbers corporate Hollywood cash in. Inexperienced writer Michael Gottlieb came up with an interesting concept which then got ground into a fine white powder which was subsequently snorted and shat out by a team of executives. These executives then put Gottlieb in the director’s chair because why the hell not, and then cast random cute-guy actor Andrew McCarthy as the protagonist, not because he was a particularly good actor or was particularly well known, but because he was cheap and he tested well with teenage girls. The film went on to make $42 million from a $6 million budget and even succeeded in justifying an even worse sequel, Mannequin Two: On the Move.


Just about the only thing good about the movie is that it was nominated for a Best Original Song Oscar for “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship. The truth though is that Mannequin is just about as fake and lifeless as its namesake. The new Mannequin Challenge should be to sit through this movie without having an existential meltdown about the state of Hollywood! Critics have called it “absolute rock-bottom fare”, “dead”, and “made by, for, and about dummies.”

So…uhh…here’s to you dummies! This one’s for you!

Supercult West proudly presents: Mannequin!




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