Hello Supercult West! This is Supercult South Bad Movie Professor Cameron Coker (BS in “Ringo Lam” with a minor in “Van Double”) and I’m reaching out to you from across the country to help hype tonight’s screening of Replicant starring Jean Claude Van Damme!


This movie has everything that you want in a Van Damme film: regular splits, handstand splits, roundhouse kicks, gymnastics somehow turned into effective fighting techniques, a fully grown Van Damme being birthed from a glowing artificial womb straight out of the Matrix…yeah man…all the classics are here.

Mike Jackson of DVD Verdict said, “It’s far from a great film, but Replicant is quite possibly the best film Van Damme has starred in since his debut in Bloodsport.” That by itself would be enough for Supercult, but the only thing you really need to know about this film is that this is the 5th film where Jean Claude Van Damme has played two separate people in a film, and the second where he’s fought himself on screen.


Just because of that this movie is now your favorite movie for the next 100 minutes.

Supercult West is proud to present Replicant!


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