The Stabilizer

Hello Supercult West! This is Supercult South Bad Movie Professor Cameron Coker (BS in “Motorcycle Punches” with a minor in “No Whack Backs”) and I’m reaching out to you from across the country to help hype tonight’s screening of The Stabilizer!


The Stabilizer is a 1984 Indonesian action film about an FBI agent who travels to Thailand to take down an evil drug lord who once-upon-a-time raped and murdered his fiancé! If that isn’t a solid foundation for a 90-minute action film I don’t know what is.

It’s got slow-motion, explosions, headbutts, sexy jazz, car crashes, punching people with motorcycles, helicopters, scuba diving, crossbows, flamethrowers, unskilled but nonetheless brutal fist-fights, disco pants, badass credits like, “Belkies as Lizard Eating Man”, ball-grabbing, bad dubbing, shots that appear to be a butt crack but then turn out to be the crease of a man’s arm, and the Indonesian version of Mr. T!

In short, this movie is the epitome of awesome and your life has been dull and meaningless up to this point. Your welcome.

In a world out of whack, he whacks back!

Supercult West is proud to present, The Stabilizer!


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