Jack Frost

Did you know that “Jack Frost” shares several letters with “This movie is a conspiracy! The Illuminati controls Hollywood! Supercult knows the Truth!!” Just a little known fact, that.


The Mighty Peking Man

Do you like blonde, bikini-clad women in high-quality Chinese rip-offs of King Kong?!? No? Oh, okay, never mind then…

The Wiz

The genius who created us only took care of our dashing good looks, our razor sharp wit and our irresistible attraction to the wrong movies! Join Supercult for the Wiz!

The Man Who Fell to Earth

B-B-Bowie’s in Space this week at Supercult! You always knew Bowie was an alien, but you never knew he was such a depressing, alcoholic one. Do they smoke grass out in space Bowie, or do they smoke Astroturf?