The Octagon

Oh my god…NINJA! Ninja! Ninja! ninja!…



If your paper boy isn’t doing fakie tailwhips and 540 barspins after every throw on your block then I think you aren’t getting your money’s worth. No wonder the print media is dead.

The Changeling

It’s not often that Supercult watches a horror movie. Even more rare is us watching a GOOD horror movie. It’s so weird and out of character…so…SPOOPY!


Pop Quiz: What is the most impactful and historically significant film of the 80s? E.T., The Breakfast Clu, Ghostbusters, Blade Runner, Indiana Jones, Terminator, Die Hard, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back… mere second fiddle to the career defining majesty that is…


Have you had a crappy year? Do you need to feel better by escaping from this crappy world in to a crappier world that somehow makes less sense than the world you currently inhabit? Then do we have the Christmas movie for you!