I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle

Join Supercult in witnessing living proof that just about anything can be a vampire! Grab your Jesus shurikens folks, this one’s gunna be crazy.


Under Siege

Join Supercult West for the film Steven Seagal decided needed a stripper sidekick to add some humor to the script! It’s the best goddamn Steven Seagal film ever (and that’s saying something), Under Siege!

Idle Hands

Dude, like, if I had Idol hands…like, my hands would win American Idol, and like, I could help out Indiana Jones, ya know? Like, you don’t have to run away from a big rock. I got your Idols right here, man!

Wild Zero

When alien zombies try to take over the world, just run a comb through your hair, grab your electric guitar, hop on your motorcycle and remember these three words: ROCK AND ROLL!!!

Space Truckers

What do you get when you combine Ridley Scott, National Lampoon, sexy death robots, motorized cyborg wangs, and intergalactic truckers? Probably a better movie than this…