Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror

We kick off the new season of Supercult with a deathly double feature! The Cribb Keeper rises to spin tales of blood, death, and irony most foul. Can Supercult survive Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror? It’s all good in da hood until someone makes a deal with the devil…



Gary Busey is a moderately well-respected actor…who thought he had it all…only problem is…he’s abbout to become…*record scratch*…the kind of actor that accepts roles where half the movie he acts like a Pomeranian! Gary Busey is…Quigley!

Kung Fu Hustle

Hey you! You have the bone structure of a Kung-Fu genius. World peace is in your hands! Here’s the scroll of the Buddhist Palm Technique. It’s priceless, but because it’s fate, I’ll let you have it for $10! What do you say, kid?

Battlefield Earth

What’s based on a book, defrauded a bunch of people, ruined John Travolta’s Career (again), and is considered one of the worst sci-fi stories ever told? Scientology! Also, Battlefield Earth sucks.