Drive Angry

It’s the mini-speech for Supercult West’s screening of Drive Angry starring guns, explosions, slow motion, hot rods, some actors and actresses, and the only reason we watched this silly film, our Lord Nic Cage!


Thor + Hot Topic + Medieval Times + Entirely filmed in Malaysia – $15.1 million = Vikingdom. Do the math, Supercult. You don’t want to miss this.

Kung Fury

I decided I would use my new super kung-fu powers to fight crime. So I became the best cop in the world. I became Kung Fury…

Drive Angry

All hell breaks loose when Supercult dives into the archives and pulls out another long lost classic! Our Lord Cage stars in Drive Angry…SHOT IN 3D!!!

Iron Man 3

Supercult presents, the worst superhero film to ever grace the – just kidding, it’s Iron Man 3! Let’s look back on a movie that didn’t make us laugh, cry, and cheer for all the wrong reasons!

Gaurdians of the Galaxy

WHAT? Supercult is watching a CURRENT, NOT-Cult film? Believe it Supercultists! We’re taking a break from the ‘So Bad It’s Good’ and seeing the guys who, when things get bad do their worst! Take a trip to Marvel Cosmic! It’s the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Deadliest Prey

Hogan wants revenge on “the most perfect killer ever,” ex-marine and Vietnam veteran, Mike Danton. If you thought the prey was deadly back in 1987, just wait till you see it in 2013! The Supercult show presents, the sequel to Deadly Prey…Deadliest Prey!