The Legend of the Titanic

Join Supercult for a movie so bad, that it makes the sinking of the Titanic seem like a trip to Disney World. Brace yourselves for The Legend of the Titanic!


Tristan and Isolde

It’s a long lost train wreck of mythic proportions! Join Supercult on the computer animated adventure of Tristan and Isolde, a movie that might’ve been improved if they had left in the adultery bit!

Heavy Metal

Louder and nastier than ever! Take a step beyond science fiction to a universe of mystery, magic, and animated boobs! The Supercult show cranks up the 80’s jams for the quintessential animated cult classic, Heavy Metal!

Garzey’s Wing

Chris leads a fairly normal life, but things take a turn for the bizarre when his spirit is hijacked by the mysterious wings of light and transported to a parallel world called Byston Well while his physical body remains in his home world. It’s Garzey’s Wing, the Battlefield Earth of Anime that only get’s better with bad English dubbing!