Men at Work

Something smells fishy at Supercult this week! Get down and dirty with the Brat Pack equivalent to a stoner flick about taking out the trash! Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen star in Men at Work!


The Room

Johnny will discover that you can’t trust anyone when Lisa inexplicably gets bored with Johnny and says…”Oh, Hi, Mark!” It’s a romantic drama that’s sure to TEAR YOU APART! It’s the cult film to end all cult films! Tommy Wiseau’s infamous masterpiece finally makes it to the Supercult screen! Grab your plastic spoons and enter…The Room!

Vampire’s Kiss

One wild night and a bite on the neck and mild mannered Peter Loew is convinced he’s turning into a blood-drinker! It’s a descent into madness unlike any other with Nicholas Cage at the helm! Is Loew going insane or is he just in love with a Vampire?