Police Story

Every now and then, we like to emphasize the word “Super” rather than the word “Cult”. The Supercult show is proud to present the film that re-introduced Jackie Chan to the Americas: Police Story!

Double Impact

Double the action, double the fun, double the Van Damme, double the Van Damage! The Supercult Show is proud to present the “bone-crushingly stupid” Double Impact!

Con Air

Our Lord Nicolas stars in the best worst movie at 30,000 feet! Can Cameron Poe stop a dozen vicious criminals and escape the newly dubbed ‘Con Air’ to the arms of his wife and daughter? Can he do it before the authorities on the ground decide the shoot the plane out of the sky!? Buckle up Supercultists! But the Bunny Back in the Box! It’s Con Air!

Killing American Style

Morgan must outwit and out-gun the psychopathic criminals Tony and Lynch or his family may not live to see another day! There are all kinds of killings. The best is American style! Robert Z’Dar stars in Killing American Style!

Bad Boys II

Everything from the DEA and enraged Police Captains to Russian Gangsters and the Ku Klux Klan are standing in their way. Can Mike and Marcus protect what matters most to them and still find time to shut down the flow of drugs into Miami?