Gary Busey is a moderately well-respected actor…who thought he had it all…only problem is…he’s abbout to become…*record scratch*…the kind of actor that accepts roles where half the movie he acts like a Pomeranian! Gary Busey is…Quigley!



Which of these words seems out of place: Cold War, Spies, Superhero, Action, Gadgets, Disney. Think hard now. This will be on the final.

Star Kid

“That one annoying kid from Jurassic Park” returns in Star Kid! The Best-Worst Sci-Fi family film to ever be phoned in! You know what they say…if the cyborsuit fits go kick some alien butt!

Short Circuit

Relive the 80’s family fun starring military grade weapons technology, existential artificial intelligence, the technological singularity, a robot that makes suggestive comments to women, and Steve Guttenberg! Johnny Five is Alive this week at Supercult in Short Circuit!