Which of these words seems out of place: Cold War, Spies, Superhero, Action, Gadgets, Disney. Think hard now. This will be on the final.


The Last Starfighter

Greeting Starfighters! This Fourth of July you have been recruited by the Supercult show to enjoy this awesome example of quality 80’s sci-fi! Prepare to unleash the Death Blossom!

Mortal Kombat

Strap yourself in for pulse-pounding action, star-powered adventure, and cutting-edge special effe- I’m just kidding it’s another cheesy video game adaptation! Prepare for…Mortal Kombat!


Ready for yet another hokey inspirational story about society’s capacity for cruelty and the lone struggle for hope in a hopeless world and a kid with psychic superpowers?! Also there’s Jeff Goldblum?!?

Short Circuit

Relive the 80’s family fun starring military grade weapons technology, existential artificial intelligence, the technological singularity, a robot that makes suggestive comments to women, and Steve Guttenberg! Johnny Five is Alive this week at Supercult in Short Circuit!

On Deadly Ground

Produced, Directed, and Starring Steven Seagal, it’s the story of Forrest Taft and his incredibly preachy fight against corruption, polluters, and big oil. Tonight Supercult prepares to spill blood rather than oil. Tonight, Steven Seagal is… On Deadly Ground!


Can Max Walker and his new partner, Sarah Fielding, stop McComb, and even save Walker’s wife, before time runs out? From the Civil War to the 1929 Wall Street Crash, wherever and whenever there is time crime, just call the Timecop!