Have you had a crappy year? Do you need to feel better by escaping from this crappy world in to a crappier world that somehow makes less sense than the world you currently inhabit? Then do we have the Christmas movie for you!


I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle

Join Supercult in witnessing living proof that just about anything can be a vampire! Grab your Jesus shurikens folks, this one’s gunna be crazy.

Death Spa

We kick off the new season of Supercult with a deathly double feature! What happens when a sophisticated local gym is struck by lightning? Supercult finds out in the sexy horror gore-fest, Death Spa!

Idle Hands

Dude, like, if I had Idol hands…like, my hands would win American Idol, and like, I could help out Indiana Jones, ya know? Like, you don’t have to run away from a big rock. I got your Idols right here, man!