The Octagon

Oh my god…NINJA! Ninja! Ninja! ninja!…


The Super Ninja

I’m a ninja and I’m gonna get ya, Where the sun don’t hit ya! Supercult presents yet another film about guys who prefer weapons technology that’s 500 years old but somehow make it work!

Kung Fury

I decided I would use my new super kung-fu powers to fight crime. So I became the best cop in the world. I became Kung Fury…

Mortal Kombat

Strap yourself in for pulse-pounding action, star-powered adventure, and cutting-edge special effe- I’m just kidding it’s another cheesy video game adaptation! Prepare for…Mortal Kombat!

Surf Ninjas

Rob Schneider was an animal! Then he was a woman! And now Rob Schneider is…A SURF NINJA! And he’s about to find out that derp-a-derp, da herp-a-dee derp a derp! Rob Schneider tiddle-dee-terp-a-durr! Rated PG.