The Rock (Supercult West)

Hey Supercult West! Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?? (In case you can’t guess, it’s Nic Cage. The Rock is cooking Nic Cage.)


Under Siege

Join Supercult West for the film Steven Seagal decided needed a stripper sidekick to add some humor to the script! It’s the best goddamn Steven Seagal film ever (and that’s saying something), Under Siege!


What does James Bond, the Olympics, Professor Lupin, and Starship Troopers all have in common? Nothing. But DragonHeart is a cool movie.


It’s a world…and it’s covered in water! What more do you need to know?? Grab some P-P-P-P-Paper and come see the multi-million dollar Kevin Costner fueled wet-willy that is Waterworld!

The Rock

It’s the first Supercult of the semester and we’re kicking it off with the Criterion Collection Blockbuster directed by Michael Bay that stars Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage! Can you smell it?? CAN YOU SMELL WHAT SUPERCULT IS COOKING!?


Tommy is being hailed as the Pinball Wizard and becomes the object of a religious cult, but can fame, fortune, and disciples bring him happiness? How do you think he does it? I don’t know! One thing’s for certain though…That deaf dumb and blind kid sure can play a mean pinball!

Starship Troopers

When Earth is attacked by the giant insects of Klendathu, Rico and the Mobile Infantry are called to war! It’s the bug hunt to end all bug hunts in this sci-fi military satire! Would you like to know more?