The Last Dragon

Is this the meanest, prettiest, baddest, most ridiculous, glowy-est, supercult show around? SHO’NUFF!


Battlefield Earth

What’s based on a book, defrauded a bunch of people, ruined John Travolta’s Career (again), and is considered one of the worst sci-fi stories ever told? Scientology! Also, Battlefield Earth sucks.


It’s a world…and it’s covered in water! What more do you need to know?? Grab some P-P-P-P-Paper and come see the multi-million dollar Kevin Costner fueled wet-willy that is Waterworld!

Chairman of the Board

Can Carrot Top evolve from a mildly distasteful prop comedian into a successful film protagonist? No, no he can’t. But it’s fun watching him fail! Grab your props and doo-dads! It’s Chairman of the Board!

Cool as Ice

Guys, are you having trouble scoring with the ladies? Take a lesson from the book of the coolest cat around! Starring in his first motion picture, Vanilla Ice IS Cool as Ice!

Simon Sez

Motorcycles, explosions, death monks, and techno-rave-sex-fight-scenes! Not to be confused with the hit children’s toy, Dennis Rodman and Dane Cook star in Simon Sez!