Howard the Duck

You knew we’d get around to it eventually…


Battlefield Earth

What’s based on a book, defrauded a bunch of people, ruined John Travolta’s Career (again), and is considered one of the worst sci-fi stories ever told? Scientology! Also, Battlefield Earth sucks.


It’s a world…and it’s covered in water! What more do you need to know?? Grab some P-P-P-P-Paper and come see the multi-million dollar Kevin Costner fueled wet-willy that is Waterworld!

Cool as Ice

Guys, are you having trouble scoring with the ladies? Take a lesson from the book of the coolest cat around! Starring in his first motion picture, Vanilla Ice IS Cool as Ice!

Double Team

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dennis Rodman star in the explody-est, tiger kicking-est, bathtub lifty-est, coca-cola-endorsy-est actioner this side of the Razzie Awards!

Con Air

Our Lord Nicolas stars in the best worst movie at 30,000 feet! Can Cameron Poe stop a dozen vicious criminals and escape the newly dubbed ‘Con Air’ to the arms of his wife and daughter? Can he do it before the authorities on the ground decide the shoot the plane out of the sky!? Buckle up Supercultists! But the Bunny Back in the Box! It’s Con Air!