Battlefield Earth

What’s based on a book, defrauded a bunch of people, ruined John Travolta’s Career (again), and is considered one of the worst sci-fi stories ever told? Scientology! Also, Battlefield Earth sucks.


Speed Racer

Pop some acid, put on your racing goggles and join Supercult for the most exhilaratingly epileptic cult classic of the last decade! Go Speed Racer, Go!

Cool as Ice

Guys, are you having trouble scoring with the ladies? Take a lesson from the book of the coolest cat around! Starring in his first motion picture, Vanilla Ice IS Cool as Ice!

Simon Sez

Motorcycles, explosions, death monks, and techno-rave-sex-fight-scenes! Not to be confused with the hit children’s toy, Dennis Rodman and Dane Cook star in Simon Sez!

Drive Angry

All hell breaks loose when Supercult dives into the archives and pulls out another long lost classic! Our Lord Cage stars in Drive Angry…SHOT IN 3D!!!

Flash Gordon

Can Flash unite the warring kingdoms of Mongo and rescue Dale from the clutches of the evil Emperor Ming the Merciless? Can he do it in time to also rescue Earth from destruction? He’ll save every one of us! He’s Flash Gordon!