Saturday the 14th

Join Supercult for the Wal-Mart of horror comedy creature feature slasher spoofs! There’s a market for that kind of movie, right?


Pajama Party

Action! Revolution! Killing! Oratory! Fantasy! Fornication! You can expect it all in Pajama Party! You might not get it, but I mean, yeah, sure, go ahead and expect it.

Death Race 2000

It’s the movie that Peter Fonda called, “too ridiculous for words.” Pre-Rocky Sylvester Stallone and post-Kung Fu David Carradine star in the wackiest dystopian race around: Death Race 2000!

The Fantastic Four

No, not THAT Fantastic Four! The other one. The bad one! No, I mean, the bad one that was slightly better than THAT bad one but still pretty bad, but… Just read the speech alright? It all makes sense I promise!