The Ice Pirates

It’s got it all! Ferocious Space Possums! “Great” Special Effects! Action-Packed Action! Join Supercult for the best movie you’ve never heard of, The Ice Pirates!


The Last Starfighter

Greeting Starfighters! This Fourth of July you have been recruited by the Supercult show to enjoy this awesome example of quality 80’s sci-fi! Prepare to unleash the Death Blossom!

Silent Running

In space, no one can hear you plant vegetables. The Supercult show brings you the best sci-fi movie to ever feature horticulture, cute robots, and the soul crushing loneliness of space! Yaaaaay!!!

Flash Gordon

Can Flash unite the warring kingdoms of Mongo and rescue Dale from the clutches of the evil Emperor Ming the Merciless? Can he do it in time to also rescue Earth from destruction? He’ll save every one of us! He’s Flash Gordon!

Star Crash

Together with Thor, a ‘greenish’ policeman, and Elle, a robot with the heart of an old western Sheriff, Stella Star and Akton set off on their mission to save the galaxy and the son of the Emperor! Putting the SPAAAAACE back in Space Opera, it’s Star Crash!