Under Siege

Join Supercult West for the film Steven Seagal decided needed a stripper sidekick to add some humor to the script! It’s the best goddamn Steven Seagal film ever (and that’s saying something), Under Siege!


Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior

Are you tired of martial arts films that use wires and CGI? Are you fed up with pampered actors pretending to fight? Are you sick of stunt doubles and super fake action scenes!? Then come on down to Supercult where the Muay Thai is so real it’ll set your frickin’ pants on fire!

Shadow Man

Direct to DVD, and direct to our heart strings! Steven Seagal stars in yet another self-insertion fan fiction about himself killing everyone and then going home to his mansion. Join Supercult for some dramatic whispering in Shadow Man!

On Deadly Ground

Produced, Directed, and Starring Steven Seagal, it’s the story of Forrest Taft and his incredibly preachy fight against corruption, polluters, and big oil. Tonight Supercult prepares to spill blood rather than oil. Tonight, Steven Seagal is… On Deadly Ground!