Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a bird! It’s a Plane! It’s one of the worst movies of all time!


Iron Man 3

Supercult presents, the worst superhero film to ever grace the – just kidding, it’s Iron Man 3! Let’s look back on a movie that didn’t make us laugh, cry, and cheer for all the wrong reasons!


Join Supercult for the movie that proved that Kazaam wasn’t a fluke. He’s a a doctor, a vigilante, and he can’t sink a free throw to save the world. Shaquille O’Neal stars in Steel!

The Fantastic Four

No, not THAT Fantastic Four! The other one. The bad one! No, I mean, the bad one that was slightly better than THAT bad one but still pretty bad, but… Just read the speech alright? It all makes sense I promise!