Killer Workout

Come on down to Rhonda’s (Rhondas?) Gym! The workout will kill you!


Deadliest Prey

Hogan wants revenge on “the most perfect killer ever,” ex-marine and Vietnam veteran, Mike Danton. If you thought the prey was deadly back in 1987, just wait till you see it in 2013! The Supercult show presents, the sequel to Deadly Prey…Deadliest Prey!

Deadly Prey

Hogan and his men meet their match when their latest kidnap victim turns out to be a tough gung-ho marine named Mike Danton who, despite being shirtless and armed with only his best pair of jorts, manages to repeatedly decimate Hogan’s men Predator style. Join us for one of the best/worst involuntary camping trips of your lives! It’s Deadly Prey!