I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle

Join Supercult in witnessing living proof that just about anything can be a vampire! Grab your Jesus shurikens folks, this one’s gunna be crazy.


Saturday the 14th

Join Supercult for the Wal-Mart of horror comedy creature feature slasher spoofs! There’s a market for that kind of movie, right?

Vampire’s Kiss

One wild night and a bite on the neck and mild mannered Peter Loew is convinced he’s turning into a blood-drinker! It’s a descent into madness unlike any other with Nicholas Cage at the helm! Is Loew going insane or is he just in love with a Vampire?


When an ancient African Prince visits the home of powerful dignitary Count Dracula with a proposition to end the slave trade, the count betrays him, kills his wife, and curses him to walk the night in eternal hunger as the black prince of darkness as Blacula, Dracula’s Soul Brother!